Some Interesting Online Courses in Computer Vision/Machine Learning

Caltech CS156 – Learning from Data A bona-fide Caltech course, Learning from Data is taught by a veteran Caltech professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa. Abu-Mostafa is highly knowledgeable about machine learning and data analysis. But this course he taught is not as inaccessible (if not as all-welcoming as to not require any basic understanding of math and computer […]

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Data Collection via Python & Scrapy for Image-based Machine Learning

For anyone to want to build a program through machine learning method, data always come as the first obstacle. It can be even more deterring for those who work in an AI-computer vision hybrid project. Quoted from blogger Adrian Rosebrock, “image acquisition is one of the most under-talked about subjects in the computer vision field.” Think about it. Whether […]

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Project ConnoiXer: Inception

  About a year ago, I attended a lecture by Professor John Craig Freeman, where he showcased his opuses. The one that has left me the most enduring impression is a virtual reality installment. I cannot quite remember what is the name of the project, but I remember it was placed in a virtual space […]

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